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I. Python Object Browser.
II. Python to R Communicator.
1. Why not use RPy?
2. Example of R communication.
3. Under the hood of Python to R Communicator.
4. Installation procedure for Python to R Communicator.
5. Types of data acceptable by R Communicator.
III. Manipulation of piecewise polynomial functions.
IV. Building C++ projects.
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Why not use RPy?

Py exists in two versions: rpy and rpy2. The rpy used to be done and then abandoned. There is no updated version of rpy for later versions of python.

The rpy2 is not complete. My experience with it is as follows. I had to edit __init__.py files to force rpy2 to find and load r.dll because the automated msi-installer did not install it correctly. The command plot(x,y), executed from rpy2, opens a non-responsive window. Documentation examples are based on rpy2.robject.packages.importr while the rpy2 (version 2.0.8) has no "packages" and no "importr". I tried to experiment and discovered that __doc__ strings are all empty.

The above was sufficient for me to abandon the idea of using RPy.

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