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I. Python Object Browser.
II. Python to R Communicator.
1. Why not use RPy?
2. Example of R communication.
3. Under the hood of Python to R Communicator.
4. Installation procedure for Python to R Communicator.
5. Types of data acceptable by R Communicator.
III. Manipulation of piecewise polynomial functions.
IV. Building C++ projects.
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Under the hood of Python to R Communicator.

Communicator is based on marshaling via hard drive and polling.

pyServer.run() polls content of a certain file ("serverCounter file"). If the contents change then it executes a protocol for assembling an R command, executes the command, writes results into a file, signals completion (by writing into a "clientCounter" file) and returns to polling.

Any r_com-module function writes R requests according to the protocol expected by pyServer, alters the contents of the "serverCounter" file and polls the "clientCounter" file. When the contents of the "clientCounter" file signals completion of R operation, the r_com function reads the results and returns.

Several Python shells may communicate with one R Shell as long as no round trips overlap in time.

Downloads. Index. Contents.

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